Just over a month ago, on a sweltering 35 degree day, we attended the Laneway festival at Hart's Mill in Port Adelaide. Armed with water bottles and comfy converse and docs, we traipsed our way around the festival.

First thought, thank god I wore amazingly comfy shoes. After standing in the same spot for over 8 hours, my feet were aching. I pitied all the girls wearing their cute sandals and chunky heels, which were completely ruined by the time the festival finished due to the copious amounts of dirt and brick dust on site.

As frequenters of folk festivals, Ellen and I adopted our usual style of mismatched, comfortable madness and wide brim hats; perfect clothing for rolling in dirt and soaking in water in order to stay cool.

Vance Joy was on top form, and pumped out a set full of fun folky rock. Of course his big hit, and Triple J Hottest 100 number 1 'Riptide' was the finale, and was greeted by a huge crowd shouting the lyrics at the top of their lungs. 

We were front row for Haim and Lorde. Who were ridiculously amazing. Like so good I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Haim were so energetic and crazy, and played all of my favourite tunes including 'My Song 5' and their kick-ass cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Oh Well'. We danced, we sang, we freaked out when Alana jumped off stage to hug the crowd, plus that bass face, it was a fantastic set.

Lorde's set however was more of a subdued, oozing cool affair; with a dark backdrop and a band who looked like they'd come from outer space, clad in iridescent, shimmery silver suits.. She walked on stage in a flowing black dress, launching into her opening song 'Bravado'. I can now say that the hype is completely deserved. Great beats, interesting lyrics and a beautiful voice, along with very cool lighting, made for a fantastic set (even though I thought 45 minutes was a bit too short for my liking - I wanted more!)

From that very first moment I was completely hooked; I felt like that whole set, coupled with Haim's earlier, had exploded my brain and I subsequently spent the next hour stumbling around in awe, murmuring about how fantastic it was that I had just witnessed these incredible acts.

Sadly Chvrches equipment was fried by the heat, and they were thus unable to perform ~ although they did give us an acoustic rendition of 'The mother we share', which was lovely. Lauren Mayberry, that voice, just lovely.

Weirdly enough there were no ice cream trucks ANYWHERE, there was only vegan ice cream, which was utterly horrible. I'm sure there is vegan ice cream out there which may be lovely, but this stuff was terrible. Being the desperate, and slightly sweaty, fools we were, we paid for the over priced icy goods so that we could remind ourselves what its like to not be dying of heat stroke. This just again added to my option that, in my experience, vegan food generally equals sadness and an empty wallet.

If there is any advice I could give for future music festival/Laneway goers, it would be to keep hydrated, be sun smart and wear minimal make up. I usually wear very little make up to festivals, due to both the heat and the high likelihood of me smudging lipstick all over my face or ending up looking like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family by the end of the day.

Overall a great day, with great music and great company. Only criticisms I had were that the venue seemed to have some problems throughout the day regarding not having adequate access to shade and water-filling facilities (just shows you that it pays to be prepared - always bring a hat and a water bottle). Also, please Laneway, get us an ice cream truck next time, because the only way that day could have been topped, was if there had been ice cream!

Images: here, here, and the rest are my bad iPhone photos

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