Pokemon Baking Adventures Part I

In recent months I have taken on a number of Pokemon baking projects. The first was this cake - Charmander.

I don't have a 'tutorial' because basically I just made it up as I went along. The inside of the cake was a funfetti cake - a vanilla mudcake with sprinkles! It was a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I used this recipe. So awesome on the outside, so pretty on the inside! I put candles in the mouth and tail to mimic the real Charmander. 

Fire-breathing Charmander with tail lit up~ 
The body was made of two stacked and shaped cupcakes, and the head was two cupcakes of different sizes. I used mini TimTams (aka literally the best thing ever) for Charmander's limbs. It was assembled using toothpicks and covered in fondant icing. I used my edible markers to draw the details on the face. I'm a complete amateur when it comes to fondant, but I just love being creative and having fun with it!

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