Woman Crush Wednesday: Robyn Lawley

My painting.

Robyn Lawley is an all-round amazing woman. She is not only a drop-dead gorgeous model, but also a swimwear designer, DJ, food blogger, animal welfare / environment advocate, and a fantastic role model for positive body image. Her intelligence and integrity shines through her Instagram, Twitter and various articles and interviews.

It's so important to have beautiful women like Robyn who are "beyond a size 10" in the fashion industry. Like many girls who are interested in fashion, I have had body image issues largely brought on by the incessant promotion of very narrow beauty ideals in the fashion industry. In her interview on the Ellen show, Robyn's words that at age 16, "even at my absolute skinniest, I was not skinny enough to model", mirror my own experience of dieting and fretting to fit an impossible ideal. Now, Robyn is super-successful, and happy, in her natural body shape. The real ideal should be happiness and acceptance of individuality - regardless of societal pressures. 

Unfortunately, it seems that it will be a long time before mainstream fashion media includes a substantial range and ratio of different body shapes, races, ages and abilities. But when companies like Ralph Lauren and Cosmopolitan employ Robyn, it sends an important message: Damn, she's gorgeous - and maybe I am too. 



This is the first instalment in what will be a series of Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) posts featuring my portraits of women whose beauty shines from the inside out.

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