Music Monday #3 ~ Eurovision

Eurovision, my yearly guilty pleasure. The glitz, the glam, the crazy costumes, the (sometimes) ridiculous songs ~ what more could you want in an international song contest?

A few weeks ago Ellen threw a Eurovision party and (mostly) everyone dressed up for the occasion. Completely stressing about finding a last minute costume, and unable to find time to whip up an epic ABBA costume (oh I had so many ideas), I drew inspiration from this year's contestants; Poland to be specific. With voluminous skirts and french braids in my hair, I went to the party dressed as a slightly less boobilicious version of the Polish 'butter churning girls'. Needless to say, I dried some dishes in the seductive Polish way and shook "what my mama gave me". It wasn't a pleasant sight, and I apologise to anyone who was in the room while I sang yelled an off key version of the tune ~ I must admit not having a firm grasp on the Polish language was a bit of a hurdle for me, but I wasn't deterred.

Anyhow, in no particular order, here are my picks for my favourite 2014 Eurovision songs:

1. Moustache ~ Twin Twin

I love this song, it is so catchy, and that guy has cool hair. I too would like a moustache.

2. No Prejudice ~ Pollapönk

Such a great song. Note the colour coordinated outfits ~ love the different coloured tracksuits. 

3. Silent Storm ~ Carl Espen

This song was my absolute favourite song for Eurovision this year; I was surprised it didn't rank higher in the finals. Great song, beautiful voice. Its the true winner for me.

4. Calm After The Storm ~ The Common Linnets

Another fantastic song, lovely harmonies ~ a little bit different than the other entries this year, but definitely more up my alley genre-wise.

5. Rise Like a Phoenix ~ Conchita Wurst

The winner of the whole shebang ~ so much love for this song.

 Honourable mention ~

The song with the totally inappropriate, yet hilarious video. Eh, I like it.

The patriotic mention ~

Our first time at Eurovision, and it was pretty cool. Jess Mauboy had a great performance. Just don't pay attention to the bit at the beginning ~ I promise you, we don't actually want to re-paint the Sistine Chapel to feature bottles of Fosters, and nobody actually likes the Sydney Swans..

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  1. To be fair, the French entry was a little silly, but I really loved it and I'm so sad it not just faired badly but came last haha. The Polish one was really inappropriate but I loved as well, it was really catchy.