The White T-shirt ~ Three Ways

The simple white t-shirt is such a versatile piece; it's reasonably inexpensive and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

However, with so many different styles it can sometimes be difficult to find the style that suits you best ~ v-neck or scoop-neck, 3/4 length sleeves or sleeveless, fabric density (thin or thick?), fitted or loose and of course colour (bright white or off-white?); theres a lot to choose from. Honestly, there is no way around it, in my experience you just have to keep trying on different styles and brands until you find the right one. Below are some examples of different styles of the simple white t-shirt (not quite so simple after all huh?)

I should also point out that price and brand name doesn't always equal quality, and although some of the shirts I've used as examples here are above $100, you can find great buys at cheaper prices ~ I have multiple white t-shirts and my favourite is a $20 cheapie from Target.

T-shirts ~ here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Below are a few examples of ways to style this wardrobe staple ~
The casual daytime look ~  
T-Shirt, boyfriend jeans (similar style here), black peeptoe boots, Persol sunglasses, and colourful accessories (Similar necklace here, and clutch here)

Another casual look, but a bit more boho style ~  
T-Shirt, bells, distressed black boots, Persol sunglasses, quartz crystal choker and amythest bracelet, assorted rings (here, here and here)

A slighly more dressy afternoon look which you could segway into the evening by switching out the boots for a pair of black pumps, (as you can probably tell I have this terrible habit of thinking that boots are appropriate for almost any setting) ~  
T-Shirt, leather jacket, patterned skirt, ACNE boots, Karen Walker sunglasses, satchel, Fedora, assorted crystal jewellery (here, here and here)

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