Memory Lane

About a year ago, my beautiful now 92-year-old Nanna moved out of her home (where she had lived since my dad was in primary school) and into a unit at a residential village. Like many similar situations, everyone was reluctant for the move to happen but could see the unfortunate necessity of it. I took these photographs on the last night we spent at Nanna's house as a family. Three generations: Nanna, her children, children-in-law, and grandchildren squeezed into the 1960's style kitchen to enjoy a simple but delicious and quintessentially 'Nanna's house' meal. 

These photographs show the house the way it lives on in my memories, the curious sixties charm coupled with the weight of saying goodbye. I appreciate the nostalgia. It makes me happy to look through these photos. But it breaks my heart to see how much my grandmother misses this place.

When it comes to photography, and ~art~ in general, I feel like a little baby. I'm so unsure of myself and inexperienced - I've always been very creative, but originality is something very different; and skill is different again. These photos really mean something to me, and I enjoyed the process of photographing and editing. I hope you enjoy looking at them. 


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  1. Oh heavens, that photo of the bathroom is so lovely. These were really quite nice.