Music Monday #4 ~ I wanna folk you up!

This is very late post, and I'm hoping that by the time I get around to blogging this its still a Monday (fingers crossed guys). And yes, as that extremely unintelligible title suggests, we are indeed getting down and folky with this edition of Music Monday. No, I'm not going to apologise for those terrible great puns.

What can I say about folk music? Apart from the fact that IT IS SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME LIKE WOAH(!) Folk music is in my soul, I hear it and my day is automatically 10x better.

As a child raised in a family full of hippies, both neo-hippies and the originals (bless my Nana), I have been to my fair share of folk festivals.

As a young child I can clearly remember regularly packing our tents and mini folding chairs for a week or long weekend away at a folk music and art festival; the smell of damp crushed grass* under our bare feet and icecream all day every day are some of the best memories I possess. And lets pause to appreciate the food: oh man the food ~ poffertjes, those little golden rounds of pure pancakey rapture, and the organic asian noodles I always insisted on buying as my first meal every year (just ask Ellen). But I'm here to discuss the music, if I get into the subject of folkie festival food I'll go on for ages.

I haven't the time to compile a list of all my folkie favourites (because there are SO MANY), but here are a few of my current favourites, in no particular order:

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes ~ All Wash Out

I am yet to see these guys live, but you can bet that when I finally do, I'll probably just quietly lie down and die from absolute happiness. Whenever I hear this song I end up doing some weird impromtu dance ~ I can only describe it as trying to be a butterfly. 

Stu Larsen ~ Thirteen Sad Farewells

Ellen and I first saw Stu opening for Passenger a few years ago. A fantastic songwriter and performer, this just had to be on my folk list. 

Xavier Rudd ~ Follow The Sun

Simply magical. If you ever have the chance to see him live, just go. Spend whatever money you need to, hell sell your left kidney if thats what it takes. Just be there, its an amazing experience.

Passenger ~ Coins In a Fountain (and basically every other Passenger song ever)

Theres not much to say apart from the fact that I have over 60 songs by Mike and I like all of them. We basically just snap up tickets whenever he comes to town. Its been simply a pleasure seeing such a talented musician gain in popularity; nobody is more deserving of this success.

Ben Howard ~ Only Love

This is another song which gets the 'Maddie dance' treatment. I call it abstract contemporary, everyone else tells me its reminicent of a seizure. 

Ben Sollee ~It's Not Impossible

It's like bluegrass and folk had a super talented baby. No words. Just listen.

Blitzen Trapper ~ Black River Killer

Such a good song. 

Special mention: Boy & Bear - Rabbit Song

I saw these guys at Her Majesty's Theatre on Saturday night for my birthday. So fantastic live. Its so hard to choose just one Boy & Bear song. This one's an oldie but a goodie. Another favourite of mine is 'Feeding Line', from their album Moonfire.

*both the lawn kind and the smoking kind (these festivals are full of old hippies, what do you expect?)

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