Pokemon Baking Adventures Part II

This is another episode of Pokemon Baking Adventures by Ellen featuring rubbish photography, amateur collage making skills but still awesome baked goods!

I made these macs as a Valentine's Day present for a Pokemon nut, and they were well received because a) delicious chocolate filled baked goods and b) Pokemon! They were actually not as difficult as they look thanks to edible textas and homemade edible paint. No fancy piping here!

Apologies for cruddy photography... All the work went into making the things 
Tutorial / tips

As with all my macarons, the recipe I used came from my Sprinklebakes book (it's my go-to macaron recipe, along with some helpful hints from this macaron book). The basic macaron recipe can be found here, or use any macaron recipe you are confident with.

I started by Googling some images of Pokemon that were sort of round - suitable shapes for piping the mac shells. I also found some inspiration in other Pokemon baked goods such as cupcakes - I'm not the first one to make Pokemon baked goods or even macarons, but my ideas were my own. 

Here's a collage of the Pokemon and pokeball I used:

With regular macarons, the best way to get the even, round shape is to trace circles on regular paper, and slide it under the baking sheet. I did the same here, but traced simple Pokemon shapes too (below). Of course, it's difficult to get the perfectly even shapes, and that's okay. 

Pipe plain coloured macaron batter onto the sheet where the shapes indicate ('back' and 'front' for each macaron), and bake according to recipe instructions.  

The decorating is the fun part! Edible paint is made with food colouring and alcohol (I use vodka). Gel food colouring is best as you can adjust the thickness, but any sort will do. Just mix a teaspoon or more of alcohol with a few drops of colouring, and paint on with a small, clean paintbrush (buy a new one for this, not just any old brush from your paint set!). 

Painting macarons is so much easier than piping separate coloured macaron mix. I painted the basic colours, then used edible textas for the dark lines and details - but you can just use the paint if you don't have textas. 

It's best to decorate the shells, then assemble them with the filling. I used a simple dark chocolate ganache like this one, but try any flavour that takes your fancy! 

I was reallly happy with how these turned out (even though the Koffing was pretty ugly... the cute lil' Jigglypuff made up for it). The pokeball macarons were the least fiddly, I'll definitely make them again - they take very little extra effort (just one colour paint and texta). 

Plain macaron shells (L) and assembled macarons (R)

Happy Macaron-ing!

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