Three weeks into the new year, and it's my first post. I've really taken my time to calm down and refresh, and I'm now ready to tackle 2015. Last year gets a big fat ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮from me. I know others are in the same boat. We're moving on, and it feels good.  

This blogpost is trying very hard to be a clich├ęd 'New Years Resolutions Post' and I'm trying to make it more than that... who knows where it'll end up. In any case, welcome to a post full of Wise Words and Meaningful Song Lyrics!

know new year's resolutions are usually nothing more than a one-way ticket to Disappointment Town, Population: Ellen, but I inevitably end up making them anyway. This year I'm treating them more as goals and good habits to develop while the year is fresh. No harm in trying, right?
After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
This is a painting I created in the very early days of this year.

The image is drawn from the cover of Rookie Yearbook Three. I believe the photograph was taken by Chrissie White, whose work I adore. This picture just makes me want to put my face to the sun, the wind, the fresh air, and just take it in.

This painting came together from a jumble of influences, and I think it ended up really channelling my ~vibez~ for this year. Instead of the pressure of waiting a whole YEAR for a 'new me', I can do it every day - forgive myself, be kind to myself, and make the most of every day.
Take a deep breath and start again. Every day is a beginning. 
These words are from the front of a cute little notebook I got in China. Unlike a lot of Chinglish/Engrish (see some chestnuts here), the words really hit the nail on the head. Simple phrasing that I have taken to repeating as a mantra whenever I need to.

Speaking of positive mantras, I'm currently listening to Ben Howard's new album. It hasn't yet  ~spoken to me~ like some of his other material, but there are some real gems.

My favourite Ben Howard songs have beautiful repeated phrases that could, as a collection, be perfectly good new years resolutions / affirmations / motivations in their own right. Here are my favourites, to send off this blog post and ring in this year.
Keep your head up, keep your heart strong. 
I will become what I deserve.
All I can do... Is just push on, just push on through.

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  1. Your painting is so amazing! xx

  2. the painting is beautiful omg! i also nominated u for the liebster award here <3