DIY Tea Cup Planters

Sometimes the best gifts are homemade. I find that they're both fun to make and also a bit more personal.

Ellen and I made these Tea Cup planters for a kris-kringle present, as well as a belated birthday present, for two lovely friends of ours. 

You will need:
  • A tea cup and matching saucer (we found ours at a flea market for about $5)
  • A succulent of your choice (make sure it is an appropriate size for your tea cup; it needs to have room thrive and grow!)
  • Potting gravel (we just used gravel, but you can also add sand to the gravel for extra drainage)
  • Succulent potting mix soil 
  • Optional: decorative gravel to place in the top of the planter 

How to:

1. Firstly, the potting gravel needs to be put in the bottom of the teacup. Ultimately, how much gravel needs to be added will depend on the volume of the tea cup. We recommend 2-3cm of gravel in the bottom, as this element is really important for drainage in your planter; succulents generally don't like too much water, and rely on proper drainage in order to survive and thrive.

2. Begin pouring soil into the tea cup on top of the gravel, until the tea cup is about three quarters of the way full and create an appropriately sized well to place your succulent into.

3. Remove your chosen succulent from its plastic pot, and very carefully remove most of the dirt surrounding the roots, whilst keeping the roots intact. Trust me on this one, if the roots are ripped apart, the succulent is going to have a hard time growing ~ I learned the hard way! 

Place the roots of the succulent into the well you created and pat down around it to secure the plant. If needed, you can add some extra soil around the succulent to make sure that the roots are covered.

If you don't desire the seeing the soil at the top of your planter *gasp* add some decorative potting gravel.

Always remember to read the recommendation that come with the succulent ~ depending on the kind of plant you've chosen, they will have different requirements; some will need more/less water and sunlight than others.

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  1. This is literally the cutest idea! I'll have to try this at some point.

  2. I just bought myself a three cactuses and a succulent! This is the perfect way to plant them! Lovely!