Music Monday #5 - Our Hottest 100 Picks!

This post was definitely supposed to go up on Australia Day*, maybe with some kind of live-tweet Countdown thing going on... but better late than never hey?

Here are our votes for the best songs of 2014!

Maddie ~

Someone forgot to add Chet Faker....

My votes for this past year were a bit odd. Unlike 2013 where I had to choose between 40 different songs I loved, for 2014 my shortlist was a bit smaller. I think my top ten is a weird mix of everything I'd been listening to in 2014; although much of the music I've been listening to was not avaliable to be listed in the Hottest 100, because as most people who know me would recognise, I've been having a bit of a 60s and 70s obsessison for the entire 19 years of my life past few months.

Of course I had the obligitory T-Swizzle nomination, because that has been the most suprising addition to my playlist in the past year. You may also note the Die Antwoord vote, and I can assure you, I only feel minimal amounts of shame. I would also like to make a formal apology to Chet Faker, Sticky Fingers and the Thundamentals who, for some reason completely unbenownst to me, I managed to forget to add to my list. I'M SO SORRY!

Ellen ~

I don't really know what to say about these choices other than that it is Really Quite Difficult to choose your top ten songs, and I don't feel like this list actually represents what I've absolutely been listening to this year... oh well.

It's worth adding that I didn't vote for some tracks which I love, mainly because they didn't seem to really be contenders anyway (*ahem* 2 hipsta 4 U ...JJJ doesn't play the artists I like) but I do highly recommend checking out both Stu Larsen and Jack Carty who both released albums this year.

Not going to lie though, Taylor's 1989 was definitely my album of the year...

*For those non-Aussies who may read our blog, one of the major radio stations here does a countdown of the previous year's 100 top songs (the non-mainstream ones, although that's debatable) on Australia Day, Jan 26

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