The Best of the Internet: Fresh Floral DIY Ideas

We're halfway through Spring here and boy have I been LOVING all the flowers - my garden is full of pelargoniums and daisies, there are beautiful, colourful front yards all over my suburb and even the weeds are full of pretty yellow, orange and pink blooms.

Inspired by none other than SPRING itself, here is a collection of my favourite floral-y DIY projects I've seen around the interwebs.

Floral Wall DIY from Pinterest + Tumblr

I love this look and would put it up in my room tomorrow... but I can't put tape on my painted walls. My friend had pretty ugly exposed brick in her college room, I think this would be a great idea for anyone in that situation!

DIY Abstract Floral Pattern Cake from Sugar & Cloth

I LOVE putting fresh flowers on cakes in spring. This DIY is so fresh and simple. 

Pressed Botanicals from a pair and a spare

The two ideas above go really well together. Pressed blooms make for a more subtle take on the floral DIY.

Floral Typography Printables form Sugar & Cloth

I don't know when this spring I'll have time, but I'm going to round up ALL the different flowers in my garden and try to make some of my own floral typography. It's just so beautiful! #weekendproject

Tropical Clutch from P.S. - I Made This

I have already decorated a clutch in a similar vein but with rainbow pom poms, and I happen to have a few small clutches lying around. This is such a great idea! Super easy and will definitely inject some punchy florals into an outfit accessorised with this clutch.

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