Current Obsession: Negative Space Nail Art

I love nail art. Love love love it. I try (with varying degrees of success) to recreate nail art designs I see on Insta, Pinterest, tumblr, and in magazines. Sometimes these designs turn out perfectly and I flaunt my nails for days, but most of the time they are a complete fail and I schedule a date with a bottle of acetone.

Obviously the designs I have had more success with are simplistic; suitable for the art-challenged individuals among us. You see, I'm just not very good at painting within the border of the nail, my hands just go crazy and I end up with more paint on my finger than on the nail. This harks back to my childhood when colouring-in books stifled my creativity. When colouring outside of the lines was viewed with distaste and pity, rather than awe at the fact that this wunderkind (me) had an affinity for expressionistic art at such a tender age. Thinking back, this is probably when my hatred for authority began: 'why do I have to colour in the lines when I've got this whole page I can use?' became 'give me a good reason as to why I can't do a U-turn here', but I digress.

I got a whole crazy-lot normal amount of excited one day when I was searching the net for nail art designs and discovered negative space nail art *releases doves, angelic music plays*. You mean I can decorate only one part of the nail and leave parts of it gloriously blank? Sign me up. There's something about negative space designs that look effortlessly chic and minimalist, so they're easy to wear day to day. 

Here are some of my favourites from the world wide interwebs for inspiration. Obviously some of these designs are a bit easier to achieve than others, I'm personally still working up to trying some of these (when I'm 90 I'll have fkn rad nails yo). I have tried a few of these designs, and I'll give the rest of them a shot when I become an art goddess sometime in the distant future. If you give them a try, let me know how you go. You can come over and do my nails. I'll give you wine I promise. 

Also, has anyone noticed that people always hold a mug or perfume bottle when modelling nail art? I would love to see someone holding a colourful array of fresh vegetables, or baby animals or something sinister like a beating heart. 

Basically all of the photos are from Pinterest. I'm not trying to steal anything, so don't call the copyright police plz.

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