Lazy & cheap DIY gift guide: Decorated ceramics

The majority of Christmas presents that I gave in 2015 were decorated ceramics - mugs, serving plates, you name it. It's such a great gift idea because a) it's personal and creative; b) super cheap to make; and c) relatively low-effort as all it requires is some fun doodling (no mess, no fiddly bits and minimal special equipment). Have I convinced you yet?

What you will need:

  • An oven-proof plate (or any other kind of kitchenware you desire). I sourced mine for various gifts from Target and Kmart, where you can pick up nicely designed ceramic plates, mugs and servingware for only a couple of dollars. IKEA also has some good stuff. Just look at the base to make sure it's safe for the oven - most porcelain and stoneware should be fine. 
  • Ceramic markers. Mine came from Typo, but you can find them online or at craft stores, or even use regular Sharpies. The markers were about $15 but can be re-used for many gifts so end up being really inexpensive. 
How to:
  • Find a design or quote you like. See my previous post about how to create cute typography the cheat's way, and search Pinterest for cool designs like mandalas, my personal favourite. 
  • Practice your doodles on paper until you're happy with the design and confident that you can do it well. 
  • Lightly sketch out your design with a regular lead pencil onto the plate. Be as minimal as possible, just to get your spacing right. It should come off with light use of an eraser. 
  • Use the ceramic markers to create your design. I kept wet wipes and tissues on hand so that any errors could be wiped off immediately before the pen dried on the ceramic. Sign the base of the plate so that your giftee knows you made it personally for them!
  • 'Set' your design according to the marker instructions (usually in the oven). 
And there you have it, a somewhat self-explanatory DIY tutorial for a really great gift if you're creative, but lazy and cheap... like me! It's perfect for Christmas - where you need bulk gifts, but don't want a bulk hit to your bank account. 

Happy DIY-ing :)

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